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You will need to use your Postal Code (Zip Code)


You will need to use your Postal Code (Zip Code) from many situations either for a registration for some kind of website or to connect with someone somewhere.
Here we show you the kind of websites and services that will ask for your area Postal Code (Zip Code):

Online Shopping Sites:

shopping sites
One of the most important sites that will ask for your postal code in the registration is the online shopping online markets sites; Like Amazon and Ebay for example were the vendor needs the geographic location of the customers to get the product to their mail boxes.

Google Sites and Services:

There have been too many questions lately about what is the Postal Code (Zip Code) that Google ask for in many of her services such as Gmail or AdSense and here we have to explain that the Postal Code or Zip Code is a bunch of numbers and characters that could be used to locate your location.
*Note that Google AdSense will note accept your registration without a Postal Code (Zip Code).

Hotmail and Other Webmail Service Providers:

When you try to create a new Email you will see an input field asking for your Postal Code (Zip Code)
Which you could find easily in the Postal Code Search Engine .

Banks and Billing Cards Sites:


If you opened a bank account either in virtual life or real your Postal Code (Zip Code) is one of the needed information the bank or the billing company will ask for.

Package and Product Delivery:


We deal with allot of logistics services companies like Aramex, UPS, FedEx and many more were it will need the Postal Code (Zip Code) to locate the clients locations to the area the client live in to make sure that the delivery will go to the right person with no problem.

Smart Phones:

smart phone

After the widespread use of smart phones and the widespread of its applications many now require the user to input the Postal Code (Zip Code) to be able to complete the its task, whether this task is for the use of the application or the game, and this often happens in devices like iPhone and Samsung and Windows phone and HTC and many others.

Click Here to Get Your Postal Code (Zip Code)

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